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the answer.. to when we are a separate 'species'

Thanks to nylan I have gotten into the Enders Game books.. I read one called enders shadow.. about one of the main chars of the first book enders game.. called 'bean'..

Now.. in the book bean is no longer considered 'human', now he is humanoid.. he walks, talks, feels emotions, eats.. sleeps.. drinks.. actually he does everything a human does.. except for one thing.. well two..

1. he is small.. at 4.. pple thought he was 1 or 2.. but he will only live to be in his 20's and will be a giant then.. because though he starts small.. where we stop growing at a point.. bean will never stop growing

2. smart.. so smart.. smarter then any human anywhere..

all this was done by gene manipulation.

Now.. in our own history.. we have neanderthals and and cromagnums.. i watch a lot of history and sci and national geographic shows.. *gotta love cable*.. and every show i have seen mentioning the two.. it calls them 'different species'.. they are humanoid.. but not the same as one another.. some scientists even go so far as to say that they did not 'reproduce' from one another.. because they were different species.. any offspring brought from the union of one of each.. would be 'sterile' and/or deformed, mentally or physically..

the cromagnums won out, neanderthals died.. and we came to be through natural evolution.


according to the book about bean.. because his genes were manipulated.. he was from an egg of a woman that had been frozen.. and well science being science someone broke the rules and performed experiment.. he was brought to life.

and.. he was not considered human like us.. but anothre species..

That just made me think

where do we become another species even though we look/act/behave like normal other then a few differences.. I mean.. dwarfs.. their genes are different... but not.. does that mean they are another species? yet they can mate with people who are not dwarfs and have children.. that go on to have children..

or.. those who are ill.. cancer and such.. have radiation treatment.. and such.. that manipulates genes and such.. do they suddenly become something different?

Or.. like.. those babies who start life outside of the womb.. test tube babies.. are they a different species?

Bah.. I am not even sure I am wording it rght.
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