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OK.. some of you prolly wont get this post.. tis ok.. cuz some of you 'older' mommies will.. maybe some young ones too!


I want my grownup stuff back..

When I first married.. we moved into this house.. it was a cinderblock house.. small.. had well water... it was a 'white trash' house.. and i loved it.. cuz I was the 'lady' of the house *cackles*

Now... we had no furniture.. in the livingroom .. sooo out of desperation i put this large fold out table in there and had a few mix and match chairs round it.. looked weird but i didnt care..

Pauline my guardian gave me my bedroom set i grew up with, but it was twin beds (hrmm.. was she suggesting something?).. roy and I used his full bed he grew up with.. *grins*

that was it.. our furniture.. two twin beds and one chest.... one full bed and a chest.. and a folding table and three mixed up chairs.. oh yea and our fancy fancy item.. A MICROWAVE.. yes for my wedding i got a microwave, back then now.. microwaves were brand new for general public.. and it was huge.. i mean HUGE.. you could put a whole 20 pound turkey in it and still have room, it had a tag on it that said 'Men should not stand within 3 feet of the microwave when it is turned on, may cause stirility' *ROFL*

now.. one thing I loved bout the place..

my dishes..

I had purchased these nice dishes.. matching sets.. blue print on them.. and they wernt plastic.. this was also again.. as microwaves were coming out.. so they were NOT microwave safe.
Anyways.. I loved those dishes.. they were prolly my first 'grownup' thing I had that was purdy..

Then.. alas.. I had children.. *sigh*.. as the years went by.. I got decent furniture.. pretty crystal glasses.. and children.. now I was one of those people who when pregnant said 'my children will always obey me.. they will learn to from infancy... or.. my children will be able to be around glass and knick knacks and not bother them' ect ect.. my kids wont cry and scream in public.. all those things

course.. they proved me a lier on all counts *winces*..

So as each plate broke or cracked.. a plastic plate took its place.. as each glass broke or cracked.. a plastic one took its place.. *winces*

As my knick knacks got knocked over..they never really got replaced..

I miss how I used to be before kids.. now dont get me wrong, I wouldnt replace my two or marys two for anyhting in the world.. I love all four kids with all my heart.. i would die for anyone of htem.. kill for any one of them.. I love them.. and I have no regrets in that area..

But I do miss grownup stuff...

I miss it a lot..

I miss eating out of fancy pretty plates that made me feel pretty
I miss looking at bookcakes in the livingroom and seeing the top and first two shelves havingh glass figureine in them with no toys on the bookcases...

I miss being grownup.. being surrounded by grownup stuff..

I miss feeling pretty and feminine..

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